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"Murder can be deadly for a business."

Jamie Evans loves her job as a pet sitter, even though it has its challenges. There are the poodles who have never been housebroken. And the deranged cat who launches sneak attacks. Or the Lab-mix who eats everything, including her own water bowl. But Jamie isn't prepared when she finds her human clients dead in their homes. When she stumbles onto her clients' illegal activities, it could prove deadly for her.

Get your copy of Pet Stops at Amazon.com
Keeping Up - Coming Soon Keeping Up - Coming Soon

"Something big and dangerous may be stalking you."

The escape record at the Caroland Zoo had been clean since 1992. Now suddenly, in three months' time, there have been six escapes. In every instance, the keepers insist the animals were secure when they last checked on them.

Julie Landon, head bear keeper, is convinced someone is intentionally releasing animals. And she thinks she knows who is responsible. She just has to prove it before another keeper is injured. Or worse.
Copper Creek - Coming Soon Copper Creek - Coming Soon

"Where the past and the present collide."

Relive the romance, adventure and excitement of the Old West. Leave behind the trappings of modern living and return to a simpler era...
~ the Copper Creek visitors' Web page

The resident actors of Copper Creek have done just that--left behind their former lives to reside in a replica Old West town and play out the fantasies of the town's visitors. Some are hiding from past hurts. Others are running from consuming guilts. Some are using Copper Creek as a way to avoid temptations and addictions. Copper Creek has become their haven.

For Skylar Brennan, the town's supply clerk, Copper Creek is a place to reinvent herself. In the real world, she was full of self-doubt and poor self-esteem. In Copper Creek, she's secure and popular. No one knows that a lack of self-confidence still plagues her.

But the imaginary, insular world of Copper Creek is about to be assaulted by a strong dose of reality. A group of petty criminals launches a plan to kidnap the entire town, putting them all in danger and forcing them to rethink their lives.

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